Course Measurement

Our experienced team have measured numerous golf courses throughout the British Isles in accordance with The Council of National Golf Unions Standard Scratch Score and Handicapping Scheme. We use highly accurate range finder measuring equipment which has been developed specifically for golf applications and is recognised in the Royal and Ancient Rules of Golf. Measurement certificates are issued for your Medal, Forward Mens and Ladies courses which are recognised by all Golf Unions.

Golf course laser measurement by K&M Golf

Extracts from the CONGU Unified Handicapping System Booklet

Appendix A
2.1 Each hole shall be measured from the Distance Point to the centre of the green in the horizontal plane along the designated line of play, relative to each tee.
2.2 The Distance Points used as the starting points in the measurements should satisfy the requirements of Decision 7(b).
2.3 A hole with a dogleg shall be measured in a straight line from the tee to the pivot point and then to the centre of the green or the next pivot point, if applicable.
2.4 Measurements shall be made for every set of tees used for Qualifying Competitions.

In the case of a hole with a dogleg if the pivot point is not easily discernible, a pivot point that is approximately 250 (210) yards from the set of tees that are most commonly used for Qualifying Competitions should be selected.

Dec.7(b) Distance Points and Measured Course
On some golf courses the placing of Distance Points at the back of the tees has made it difficult to conform to the definition of a teeing ground in the Rules of Golf and also to satisfy the requirements of Clause 12 of the UHS.
In order to clarify the situation and ensure that Qualifying Competitions are played over courses of correct length the following provisions now apply:
a) Distance Points on all new courses and on any new holes or holes that have had their length altered on existing courses must be placed not less than four yards from the back of each tee.

Laser Measure Cost

Using the latest surveying equipment K&M are able to offer a specialist tee to green course measurement service.
To visit, measure and issue certificates for up to three tees per hole costs from £260+VAT

Golf course laser measurement by K&M Golf is recognised by all the major Golf Unions